A Brief Overview of McAfee Peculiarities

There is no way you’ve never heard about McAfee. This is one of the oldest antivirus software on the market. It often comes with other programs like Adobe, etc. Depending on the variety of features, you can get a free version or a paid one. The package is created to protect all sorts of devices that run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Before you get it, there are some pros and cons you need to know.

The advantages of using McAfee

As soon as you start using this software, you are sure to enjoy lots of advantages like:

  • A great selection of features,
  • Virus removal guarantee,
  • Your premium version can support the unlimited number of devices,
  • Perfect anti-phishing scores from the independent labs’ tests,
  • Live chat support and email support chart.

However, there are some drawbacks in this software, too. They include:

  • High prices if you upgrade,
  • The interface can seem confusing and complicated at times,
  • Mixes reviews from the lab testing.

Other peculiarities of McAfee you should know before the installation

It’s a wise idea to visit the official website before you install the software. There you are sure to find the minimum requirements and some other peculiarities. This is also the place where you sign in your account and activate the license key. Keep in mind that it has auto renewal. When you decide to remove the software, deactivate the subscription first. Then you can delete the software itself.

After the recent updates, the software consists of 5 blocks. Use them to navigate the windows:

  • Home
  • PC Security
  • Identity
  • Privacy
  • Account

Moreover, there were some quality innovations, too. The new ransom guard is able to detect even brand-new ransom attacks. It’s very strict and blocks the file as soon as it tracks the first suspicions. The independent tests have shown, however, that it sometimes fails to stop certain kinds of attacks. Still, the newly added feature is a great improvement.

The antivirus’s firewall alone stands this software out from the rest. It internally makes some decisions without bothering the user and delivers excellent protection from all sorts of online threats. Beginners are sure to appreciate this feature since there will be no constantly popping up windows.

From the main window, you can also get to such features as My Network, Vulnerability Scan, Secure Deletion, Cleanup, and Speedup. They will help you maintain the PC’s general condition and improve its performance.

The quality of the services is regularly improved as well as the selection of additional features. It’s also a great choice if you need protection from phishing sites and malware. The regular updates secure the protection form the newly-appeared or zero-day threats.

The verdict

The brightest advantage of this antivirus software is that a single subscription can deliver great protection from viruses, malware, online threats, phishing sites, etc. on all household devices. It runs on all major operating systems and can protect all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

The affordable price of about $60 per year provides you with unlimited plan and tons of extra features. They include cleanup and speedup tools, firewall, etc.

It delivers a high level of protection and can also stop hackers’ attacks. If you wish to get a reliable antivirus for only 1-2 devices, you should get Bitdefender. It’ll cost the same but the quality of services is higher.

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