Can IPVanish Unlock Streaming Apps?

IPVanish is a very popular VPN provider that delivers a high level of protection and if often on the Top 5 VPNs list. The secure connection is not the only perk users can expect. With over 40 000 IPs, the provider offers lots of other advantages. Let’s find out why you should pick this company and if it works on Netflix.

10 reasons to install IPVanish

The highly reputable service stands out from the rest offering many great features. Let’s talk about the most impressive facts.

  • It has over 15 years of experience delivering the best quality of services to millions of users.
  • Using one account you can spread the app on up to 5 devices because it works with such operating systems as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.
  • The variety of protocols allows every user to take his pick from OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.
  • The NAT Firewall.
  • Complete reliability when using public Wi-Fi spots.
  • Over 1300 servers that are located in 75+ countries deliver a great variety of connection options.
  • You can stay anonymous and protect your personal data.
  • The app allows torrenting, unlocks content and streaming apps that are restricted due to your location.
  • The efficient support team and tons of useful tutorials.
  • An annual plan cuts down the price to $6-7 per month.

The peculiarities of the software

Unlike most of its competitors, IPVanish doesn’t offer a free or a trial version. On the other hand, it provides a 7-day Money Back Guarantee. It means that you can use it during the first 7 days and test all the features you are interested in. If you are pleased with the results, you’ll go on using the service. In case you don’t like it for some reason, just cancel the subscription and request a refund. Just remember that it’s only 7 days and don’t wait till the last minute.

The affordable price can get even better if you look for some additional promotions and deals. Remember that an annual plan is likely to offer the lowest possible price. In addition, it’s very easy to pay for the service using any convenient method: MasterCard, American Express, Visa, etc. You can even use PayPal or Bitcoin.

IPVanish is sure to be a great choice if you are looking for a provider that unlocks Netflix. Its security and encryption protocols, as well as servers in the USA and Canada, are sure to help you.

Moreover, it has a kill switch which comes in handy in case of interrupted connection. As soon as the software detects it, it ends the session before your personal information is shared.

Finally, it’s the best option for torrenting. Since it was originally developed for this purpose, the company has a few separate servers dedicated to this feature only.

Should you get IPVanish?

The selection of VPN providers on the modern market can make it really hard to make the right choice. If you are at a loss and already confused with this variety, you should define why exactly you need a VPN and narrow down the list of options. Or you can simply get IPVanish. Its 15 years of reputation and millions of users speak volumes about the service. Numerous positive reviews are sure to help you make the right decision as well.

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