Scanguard Review

This security software offers a full range of anti-virus features designed to protect PCs and mobile devices from viruses, malware, and online attacks. Antivirus is also enhanced by a configuration feature that optimizes the performance of your system. The program not only stops virus attacks but also improves the performance of your device, browsing speed and optimizes memory. There is a function of parental control and file protection. Saves personal data and browsing history using its VPN software.

System Protection and Scanning

Today there are no verified official data on the reliability of this antivirus, so all information is based on user experience. Many reviews claim that, in fact, it is a decent antivirus that demonstrates excellent protection.

The auto scan feature doesn’t affect or slow down the system, nor does it leave a chance for malware. It should be noted that in addition to the basic antivirus, the package includes anti-malware tools. In particular, the developers claim that their product detects and neutralizes spyware, trojans, rootkits, worms, and adware. In addition, the file protection feature will quarantine dangerous files if they are found. The company also provides advanced protection against ransomware.

Regarding scanning, this software provides two types of them: a quick scan to check your desktop, browsers, and downloads. As well as a full scan that will deeply study your computer. However, antivirus does a decent job and will not miss any dangers.

In addition, you can enable two types of scanning directly from the toolbar. Upon completion, the system will tell you if there is anything that deserves your attention. The user can even set scan parameters by creating a schedule for the day, week, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In general, this program declares itself as a reliable anti-virus, which is adapted to handle the latest methods and schemes of data theft. Interestingly, the developer of this product has entered into a partnership with the well-known anti-virus brand Avira and uses an updated anti-virus detection mechanism. In addition, the software offers applications compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, which users can install and protect their devices. In addition, features such as VPNs for Internet banking, parental controls, and a firewall have been added to provide users with complete security.

The program has both minuses and advantages. So, this antivirus is good with the following qualities:

  • Useful extra features
  • Fast work speed
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant and concise design of the program
  • Prompt and responsive support service
  • Powerful protection against viruses and malware

If we talk about shortcomings or just about the features that need to be taken into account, then there is a nuance in the fact that this program does not exist:

  • Free trial
  • Laboratory test data
  • Communities to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the program
  • Quality Certificate

Thus, it can lead to the conclusion that this is a good antivirus, which demonstrates good functionality and reliable operation. However, today there are few official data on this antivirus that would confirm these properties or disprove.

In general, this software leaves a contradictory impression. On the one hand, it combines many interesting features, affordable price, and thoughtful design. Users note its effectiveness and benefits. On the other hand, he is not certified, which negatively affects his authority and even creates rumors of unfairness and danger.

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